What Does It Really Mean To Be Healthy?

“Health cannot be measured by how we feel, but rather how well our body copes with the stressors we place on it” ~ Dr. Melissa

Ask yourself this: if a person in pain takes a pill and the pain goes away, does this mean he or she is healthy again?  What does being ‘healthy’ mean to you? 

In my practice these are the 9 areas I’m always discussing with people, the different habits that lead to a body that is thriving:

Real health involves quality nutrition, adequate sleep, exercise, minimizing toxins, reducing stress, a well functioning nervous system, hydration, fulfilling relationships, and positive happy thoughts

Write these 9 things down on a sheet of paper, then give yourself a score on a scale of 1-10 as to how you are currently doing in each of these areas.    1 = brutal, I need to give this some serious attention soon!          10 = I’m rocking this!

Are you doing all that you should be? Its up to you! Reflect on these areas of your life and think about whether your current behaviours are congruent with what you are hoping to achieve for yourself.  If they are not, start making changes.  Get help, ask for accountability and take small steps.  You CAN feel better, YOU DESERVE TO, and it’s NEVER too late!