What Does It Really Mean To Be Healthy?

“Health cannot be measured by how we feel, but rather how well our body copes with the stressors we place on it” ~ Dr. Melissa

Ask yourself this: if a person in pain takes a pill and the pain goes away, does this mean he or she is healthy again?  What does being ‘healthy’ mean to you? 

In my practice these are the 9 areas I’m always discussing with people, the different habits that lead to a body that is thriving:

Real health involves quality nutrition, adequate sleep, exercise, minimizing toxins, reducing stress, a well functioning nervous system, hydration, fulfilling relationships, and positive happy thoughts

Write these 9 things down on a sheet of paper, then give yourself a score on a scale of 1-10 as to how you are currently doing in each of these areas.    1 = brutal, I need to give this some serious attention soon!          10 = I’m rocking this!

Are you doing all that you should be? Its up to you! Reflect on these areas of your life and think about whether your current behaviours are congruent with what you are hoping to achieve for yourself.  If they are not, start making changes.  Get help, ask for accountability and take small steps.  You CAN feel better, YOU DESERVE TO, and it’s NEVER too late!

Play Isn’t Just For Kids! It’s Important For Moms Too!

Wouldn’t it be great if as adults we were given a break in our day simply to play?  Recess for grown-ups would be a brilliant addition to most workplaces, in fact many progressive companies have already adopted this idea! If you work at home or are caring for your families, you too deserve some play time!

When was the last time you listened to the playfulness in your heart and pursued an activity you wanted to do, simply because you wanted to? Without giving a thought to how you would perform, whether you would succeed, or who was watching? Recently while on a hike, I noticed an amazing big, old, oak tree. My companion and I looked at each other with the thought “Let’s go!” and off we went to climb it. We sat among the branches laughing, thinking how ridiculous it was to be in our 40’s and climbing a tree! But then again, why not? It was fun, athletically challenging, the sun was shining, and we were enjoying the time together. I would do it again without hesitation.

Making time for play, for activities that are purely fun and take your mind of all the responsibilities you have as a mom is not only a ‘sanity-saver’ but also improves your brain function. Your brain is an amazing machine that can adapt to new processes and challenges, you just need to give it the experiences to do so! When you challenge yourself to try something new you’ll activate new pathways within your brain, and without boring you with medical science – this will slow the aging process and can help prevent losses in cognitive function. 

Is your mind drawing a blank as to what you would even want to do if given some play time? Think about what your favourite childhood activities were, or some of the sports you played or hobbies you enjoyed before your children arrived.

Where in any given week can you add more play to your life? What can you do just for YOU? Something that reminds you of the YOU that you were before you became a mom.  Even if it’s just an hour, you’ll body, mind (and likely your family!) will thank you. You’ll feel more engaged, less stressed, and more accepting of some of the other crappy jobs your mom-life requires. Dare I say it – you’ll probably feel happier too!

Life is supposed to be fun, now make it so!

Need To Adjust What Foods You Are Eating? Start With Writing It Down!

Are You Wondering Why You Are Not Feeling Great? 

Whenever I discuss food with my patients,  I tell the adults the same thing I tell the kids: junk food makes junk parts! Every cell in your body is made from the food you put in. If you fill your body with ‘garbage’ that’s how it will perform – poorly! You will feel the effects of it too: weight gain or loss, poor mental focus, memory loss, bloating, chronic fatigue, sinus congestion, not to mention the many ailments linked to a poor diet.

Each morsel of food you put in your mouth contains hundreds of thousands of individual nutrients, micronutrients, enzymes and minerals that influence a wide range of functions in your body.  Your emotional state, metabolism, energy and focus, body weight, and immune system depend on the right ingredients to support healing and repair. The food you eat is all your body has to work with! 

The trouble is, many people are overfed and under-nourished because of the food choices they are making. 

So many moms are busy focusing on what their children are eating, grabbing bites of food when they can. Often they eat meals on the go between driving around to after school events, and forget to stop and even consider the quality of what they are eating.

What are you putting into YOUR body?  Are you giving your body what it needs to feel and function it’s best? The best place to start is to simply start writing it down.

Like most changes we want to make in our lives, if we have a clear understanding of our starting point we can better plan the route ahead. When people ask me what they should eat, the first thing I have them do is a one week food log. You can easily do this yourself by picking up an inexpensive journal, grabbing a blank sheet of paper, or using one of the many apps that will do this for you! Personally, I like pen and paper for this exercise. I find it quicker than punching in everything into my iPhone (what mom has time for that?) and I find it helpful to look at everything spread in front of me. 

For one week, write down everything that you eat and drink and the times at which you are eating. Also note how you feel during the day and any unwanted symptoms you may have (i.e. are you Energized? Fatigued? Bloated? Congested? Any digestive complaints? Bowel troubles? Rashes?). 

Tracking your food intake for a short period of time can prove to be an invaluable experience. Once you clearly see what you are putting into your body, you then can deliberately start to make small improvements.  

When you realize what food habits need to be adjusted, you can work through the changes on your own. You’ll feel great knowing you are taking a step to better health, and your body will thank you too!

Need more help? I’m here for you.  If you know you’ll need more support, accountability and specific guidance based on your particular health concerns or lifestyle then working with me might be what you need to really make some change.  Let’s set up a time for us to chat and get you moving forward!