Play Isn’t Just For Kids! It’s Important For Moms Too!

Wouldn’t it be great if as adults we were given a break in our day simply to play?  Recess for grown-ups would be a brilliant addition to most workplaces, in fact many progressive companies have already adopted this idea! If you work at home or are caring for your families, you too deserve some play time!

When was the last time you listened to the playfulness in your heart and pursued an activity you wanted to do, simply because you wanted to? Without giving a thought to how you would perform, whether you would succeed, or who was watching? Recently while on a hike, I noticed an amazing big, old, oak tree. My companion and I looked at each other with the thought “Let’s go!” and off we went to climb it. We sat among the branches laughing, thinking how ridiculous it was to be in our 40’s and climbing a tree! But then again, why not? It was fun, athletically challenging, the sun was shining, and we were enjoying the time together. I would do it again without hesitation.

Making time for play, for activities that are purely fun and take your mind of all the responsibilities you have as a mom is not only a ‘sanity-saver’ but also improves your brain function. Your brain is an amazing machine that can adapt to new processes and challenges, you just need to give it the experiences to do so! When you challenge yourself to try something new you’ll activate new pathways within your brain, and without boring you with medical science – this will slow the aging process and can help prevent losses in cognitive function. 

Is your mind drawing a blank as to what you would even want to do if given some play time? Think about what your favourite childhood activities were, or some of the sports you played or hobbies you enjoyed before your children arrived.

Where in any given week can you add more play to your life? What can you do just for YOU? Something that reminds you of the YOU that you were before you became a mom.  Even if it’s just an hour, you’ll body, mind (and likely your family!) will thank you. You’ll feel more engaged, less stressed, and more accepting of some of the other crappy jobs your mom-life requires. Dare I say it – you’ll probably feel happier too!

Life is supposed to be fun, now make it so!